Client Markets We Serve

Eco-Alpha successfully delivers integrated environmental, engineering, and training solutions to Clients domestic and global. Our integrated solutions approach spans the entire project life cycle and delivers capital efficiency. Clients trust us as a leader to implement sustainable projects that are safe, cost-effective and on-schedule.

“I would definitely recommend Eco-Alpha’s high-performance engineering program… They just make my job so much easier. They show how much money they are saving us, and how much we are saving ownership.”


Property Manager, BTV Management Inc.


Eco-Alpha helps Clients quickly achieve environmental compliance in the most cost-effective manner. Clients trust Eco-Alpha to deliver sustainable solutions that improve performance and comply with environmental regulations.

Areas of Focus:
Environmental Planning and Permitting
Environmental Asset Services
Site Assessment and Remediation
Energy Efficiency Evaluations
Submarkets service include:
High-rise Buildings
Campus Facilities
Retail Developments
Industrial Facilities
Medical Facilities

Commercial Real Estate

Eco-Alpha provides stationary engineering staffing, project management, tenant and capital improvement management services across all segments of the commercial and institutional marketplace.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Stadiums and other major venues are unique buildings with unique challenges that require innovative and creative engineering solutions to ensure a singular vision is executed. Eco-Alpha’s services are uniquely tailored to deliver meaningful expertise — from engineering and systems integration, to operations and maintenance.

Submarkets service include:
Convention Centers
Hospitality Venues
Submarkets service include:
State Regional and Local Agencies
Multinational Organizations


Government agencies trust Eco-Alpha to accomplish a wide variety of critical missions. We provide decommissioning to environmental assessment and remediation, we are proud to provide the tools and innovative solutions on which our Clients have come to rely.


Eco-Alpha helps cities better prioritize projects, plan ahead, protect vulnerable assets and provide sustainable growth. With our guidance cities are resilient places that are responsive to the people who live in them and sensitive to the ecological environments which they inhabit — we help make cities smarter.

Submarkets service include:
Commercial and Industrial zones
Major Sports and Entertainment
Operations and Maintenance
Ports and Maritime