Eco-Alpha Employee Spotlight: Suneel Kumar, Chief Engineer

SACRAMENTO, CA | June 11, 2020 — Suneel Kumar became Eco-Alpha’s Chief Engineer in 2018. He joined our team with 18 years of experience as Chief Engineer, Director of Engineering, and Facilities Manager at numerous hotels in the San Francisco area. Suneel has always taken pride in maintaining a safe, efficient, and economical environment. 

Suneel Kumar

Current Position: Chief Engineer

Education: City College of San Francisco 


In your current position, what are your roles and responsibilities?

As a Chief Engineer with Eco-Alpha, Suneel’s role is to implement all mechanical operations, maintenance, energy management and regulatory programs to meet quality standards and property operating objectives. 


Responsibilities include supervision, coordination, and training of engineering staff; management of relationships with contractors and tenants; oversight of compliance with city, state and federal safety and environmental codes and regulations; assistance with annual budget and oversight of administration of inventory control programs. 


What are your engineering interests? 

Suneel likes to work on activities that have to do with ideas and thinking, research, and development of solutions to problems. 



“Working with Eco-Alpha is like a dream come true, managing multiple office buildings at University Park Campus where I utilized my engineering and management background. Eco-Alpha has provided great training opportunities which has been a big success for my career in keeping up high performance buildings” – Suneel Kumar


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