Eco-Alpha provides engineering services to iconic 428 J Street

Eco-Alpha is proud to announce the addition of 92,000 square feet of commercial real estate sustainable building services for 428 J Street located in Downtown Sacramento.

428 J is an iconic Downtown Sacramento property that has been redeveloped for the creative and traditional office user. Nestled between the Sacramento Entertainment and Sports
Complex, 428 J street, the 92,000 square foot building provides an atmosphere of historical elegance juxtaposed with modern office building finishes.

Eco-Alpha provides stationary engineering services, which includes sustainable upgrades to building systems. Learn more about our services at 428 J.

Eco-Alpha provides stationary engineering and integrated facilities operations and maintenance services to a portfolio of commercial building in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. As engineering specialist, we are well equipped with understanding the needs of our clients in the commercial real estate industry. Interested in learning more about our capabilities? Please
contact us here.


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